The new Instagram DM management ability in Facebook Business Manager saves time and makes community management easier than ever.

Managing Direct Messages or “DM’s” on Instagram has been a huge pain point for social media managers and brand curators. Formerly, if you wanted to manage and respond to direct messages on Instagram you had to do it through a phone app, and could not do it through a desktop platform.

New Instagram DM Manager Is A Game Changer

Facebook has now rolled out a new useful feature which allows any page manager with the appropriate administrative access to be able to answer and manage direct messages on Instagram right through the Facebook Business Manager on desktop browser.

This is a game changer for streamlining your customer service workflow, allowing anyone on your admin team to respond to Instagram messages that come into the DM inbox.

Along with this, you can now easily execute community management by answering comments on your posts via the Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Wants Management & Growth To Be Easy

Competition is growing among apps as Millennials and Gen Y move towards other platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, causing Facebook to work harder to please its users and maintain market share. Facebook has taken a long time to roll out this new DM management ability, and it shows that they are now taking user needs more seriously.

As more businesses start to spend exponential amounts on paid advertising, it’s more important than ever for these platforms to make the backend management experience as streamlined as possible.

This streamlining can be seen in the Automated Response section of the manager, which is a simple “messenger bot” that can help answer basic questions without the need of a real human.

How To Find The New Instagram DM Inbox On Facebook

Finding the new Instagram DM Manager is easy and can be found in your Facebook Business Manager. The only hitch is that it is only currently accessible for a select number of profiles, so you may not have access to this feature yet.

Step 1. Login to Facebook, and navigate to the business page you want to manage. (You must have administrative access to be able to access the Business Manager.)

Step 2. Click “Business Manager” in the gray bar at the top of the page.

Step 3. Click “Inbox” at the top middle of your screen.

Step 4. On the left hand panel you can find the Instagram and Automated Responses tabs

Once you are in the Inbox Manager, you can answer messages, comments, and manage your community engagement similar to how you would from a mobile phone device.

Why Use The New Instagram Inbox Manager?

For every business, it’s important to have proper process and policy in place so that proper customer service communication can be implemented. Placing the Instagram Inbox Manager on desktop within the Facebook Business Manager allows large teams to be able to manage customer direct messages, which is hugely beneficial for larger brands that get lots of messages.

It’s also beneficial as it can save you time and energy since typing on a desktop computer or laptop is much easier than trying to respond via a mobile phone where misspelling and autocorrect can take a toll on quality of communication.

This new feature will be a huge leap forward for improved customer management across all brands that utilize social media marketing and take customer engagement seriously.

Need help finding the Instagram Inbox Management Tool on Facebook Business Manager? Feel free to contact me with questions!