What Does Social Media Marketing Do?

Over the last 10 years, social media networks have become a prominent part of the business world. They allow you to advertise your brand and products to a wide range of potential customers. Creating a loyal following that is dedicated to your brand ensures that future products already have a foundation to rest on. As social media continues to connect billions of people around the globe, the opportunity for incredible benefits is at your fingertips.

Boosting leads and sales, while giving you a platform to engage directly with your audience, bridges the gap between business and consumer.

While 50% of small businesses are not using social media to promote their businesses, the ones who do have seen the payoff. It may seem overwhelming at first to incorporate social media into your business model, but it doesn’t have to.

There are several ways that social media marketing can help your brand and we are going to look at some of them below.

Word of Mouth

Using social media will expand your brand awareness at an accelerated rate. It is incredibly easy to spread the word about your products and services when connected to such a wide network of people. As we know, word of mouth is a formidable tool in the sales market. Hearing about a company from someone in your social circle creates social proof. This inherent trust makes new customers feel more comfortable taking a chance on a company. As digital word of mouth becomes more prominent, it opens up the door to new advertising avenues and improves customer acquisition rates.

Increases Traffic

Your website is where customers can find information about your company. For many businesses, it is also a marketplace to showcase all of your services products. Increasing traffic to your website can be done by using SEO rich content, which will help your page show up in search results. In the past, the more content you had, the higher you would show up on the list. Nowadays, having an optimized website full of blog articles isn’t enough. Thanks to the new search algorithms that are constantly improving, they are looking to promote websites that are valuable and credible. When your brand has a strong and healthy social media presence, this is an indicator that your company is authentic and will help you rank further up the list.

Not only does social media marketing help with website traffic through search results, but it also drives traffic on its own. When someone visits your social media account it acts as a window into what you have to offer. As a click-through to your website where they will be able to find more information, your social media profiles are a great billboard for your brand.

Creates Relationships

All too often, companies and consumers are at odds with one another. They each have something the other wants, whether it’s a product or service, or money. Because of this game of tug of war, before social media came along it was more of an ‘us vs them’ dynamic. Thanks to the connectivity of social media platforms, brands are now able to interact directly with their customers on a day to day business. Posting dynamic content with inquisitive headlines creates conversations. You can directly engage with your followers, creating conversations through your posts.

Social media marketing has personalized consumer experience, giving your customers a place to be heard. You can get feedback on products, services, and your brand, without needing to pay for focus groups. You can also watch how they engage with each other, being able to fine-tune your brand due to the likes and dislikes of your niche.

Facilitating genuine conversations offers a wealth of information. Not only does it give you insight into how your brand is being perceived, but it also gives you a head start on what your customers want. Being able to explore your niche through social media marketing is an invaluable tool. When you can connect through social listening, you can find trends that you may otherwise have missed. You will learn about what your customers struggle with and what they enjoy about your brand and their lives and be able to take this to your product development team. You will also learn about tone and language, allowing you to focus your marketing strategy so that it matches your audience. This will make your brand more relatable to your target customer.

You Can Now Share Your Story

Being able to connect with your following on an emotional level will encourage trust. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and with it, comes loyalty. Loyalty is a brand’s best friend. When you have a loyal following on social media, loyal customers will follow. To get a loyal following, you need to be relatable. You need to express that you are not a monster corporation only concerned with increasing your capital, but that you also have a vested interest in creating a worthwhile experience. When you use your social media posts to share stories of how your brand started, where your products are sourced, how your services can positively affect change, the emotional element is attached. This not only helps your public image but gets a conversation started.

Improving Your Brand with Data

Social media accounts are an excellent way to get data that will improve your business. By tweaking things week to week and seeing the changes that they provoke, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies. You will be able to learn first-hand which types of products and services your customers are interested in. What demographic your brand appeals to. Which is the best way to advertise. What keywords bring in the most views. What encouraged people to click-through to your website. The possibilities are endless and when coupled with side-by-side comparisons, you can figure out the best way to direct your attention.

There are just a small handful of ways that social media marketing can improve your business. The ability to connect with such a vast network of people will help propel your brand forward. As you gain more recognition through social media, word of mouth will spread, and you will be able to step outside your niche market and your fan base will grow. Assisting you in turning that fan base into loyal customers will be the data that you collect. With it, you can learn where the weak and strong aspects of your marketing strategy exist, improving them as you go.