Many people think of social media as a way to share their day-to-day lives. Posting cat memes and vacation photos for your friends and family to enjoy. We see companies using social media, but not a lot of thought goes into what happens behind the scenes.

What a social media marketing agency does is help brands and companies elevate themselves to a higher status. They take over your social media and using data analytics, figure out the best way to boost brand image and customer acquisition.

This is done through a variety of methods, most of them aimed at compiling data that can be examined to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Account Management

Account management covers two areas of social media marketing, creating content and engagement.

Creating Content

Content creation is something that everyone using social media knows how to do. You take an image and post it. That’s it, simple really. But how many people will that photo reach? Is your caption engaging? Are you following any style guidelines? Is there a cohesiveness to your posts? Do you have a posting schedule?

These are all questions that a social media marketing agency is going to ask themselves, in order to best manage your accounts.

Setting a Theme

It is important to have a theme that permeates through your social media account so that the viewer has a pleasing and seamless interaction with your content. This can be done by using color schemes, filters, borders, and other creative methodologies.

Headlines and Hashtags

Another aspect of creating engaging content is using the right headlines, descriptions, and hashtags, to go along with your posts. You want to create opportunities to interact with your user base, as this forms relationships. When you write descriptions that open up the conversation, the dialogue that is initiated will solidify relationships as well as create new ones.

Using the right hashtags will broaden your audience and allow your brand to target their niche market. They are a great way to promote sales and events, and when used correctly, can increase your fan base.

Following a Schedule

Posting on a schedule will allow your fans and following to know what to expect. It also creates great data for the social media marketing agency to analyze. The marketing team will set a schedule for your posts, to keep brand awareness active.

They will also make small changes from week to week and figure out what needs to be tweaked to achieve their goals. They do this by making side-by-side comparisons across a wide range of focal points, constantly adjusting to achieve the best metrics.

Customer Relations

A social media marketing agency will engage with followers and fans, as well as form new strategic partnerships.

Customer Interaction

During the content creation phase, they will write engaging headlines that open up conversations. Taking part in those conversations, they respond to both comments on the content as well as direct messages. They work side by side with your customer relations department to handle inquiries, as well as accumulate data on what your followers want.

Influencers and Social Proof

Social media marketing agencies also reach out to influencers, to expand your social reach. When an influencer shares your brand or product, this creates social proof. Social proof is one of the best ways to gain new fans and customers, as you are being validated by someone who has already gained trust.

Account Growth

While you may think that everyone wants to grow their account, this is not the primary focus of the social media marketing agency. Some people do want their accounts to be larger, others want their accounts to be better. Some want both. What the team will focus on is not getting you more followers of any type, but only attracting fans who are interested in your niche.

A good social marketing agency has a handful of tricks up its sleeve to attract the right followers. They will use hyper-focused follow/unfollow tactics, share for share agreements, active engagement, and scheduled posting.

They will also only showcase high-quality content. With social media, it is quality over quantity, every time. You want your followers to know that whenever they visit your page, they are going to see the best content and not have to sift through low-quality posts.

Collecting data

The largest focus, the bulk of the iceberg under the water, is collecting data. All the aforementioned tactics are in place to collect as much data as possible. This is how the real work gets done, through analyzation of the data collecting.

To provide the best service, the team will need to know the inner and outer workings of your brand. Then, develop a strategy that is tailored exclusively for you, to meet your goals. They can only do this when they know two things: What your niche and your customers desire. What your goals are.

Taking the data and figuring out how to connect with your target audience, how to best serve the customer, as well as your companies’ values, is crucial. With all the information that they acquire, they will then be able to define the processes needing for implementing future strategies.

Creating Reports

With all this data they will make and share reports with you to keep you informed. This is the hardest part for a lot of clients as the information gleaned and future tactics needed, may be in opposition to what they want. By paying attention to the analytics behind the scenes, social media marketing agencies end up with a lot of information. This data may show that what the audience wants, and what is ultimately best for the company and brand, might not be aligned with the original direction.

As you can see, a social media marketing agency covers a lot of bases. They implement different strategies and tactics to reach your goals and accumulate data. Being able to take this data and turn it into concrete action, is their biggest asset. All these micro-decisions, the fine-tweaking, couple with side-by-side comparisons, will show what works best for your brand.

Every situation is unique, every niche and company has different needs. Fans, followers, and customers do not demand the same things from all accounts. Depending on which social media platform is being used, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any others, will dictate the best way to showcase your brand.

Hiring a social media marketing agency can go a long way in learning more about your customer base as well as your own company. Helping to find your areas of strength and weakness, and how you can empower your brand to be the very best it can be.