5 Ways To Improve Instagram Grid

What is the Instagram Grid?

Your Instagram grid, or theme, is essentially the visual vibe or message you want to send to people. This is done through the colors, fonts, and style of picture used in your stories and posts.

Here’s what our grid looks like: https://www.instagram.com/hpmediaco/?hl=en

But why is this important?

Good question. There are two main reasons.

  1. Instagram is quickly becoming a mobile portfolio.  Potential customer will look up your account and will see your grid.  If you spent time ensuring your website matches your branding (and we hope you did), do the same with your Instagram grid.  It represents you and your brand well before any of your reps do.
  2. Instagram users are inundated with posts from a variety of brands, influencers, or personal connections. Having a consistent look and feel to your posts helps users quickly identify your brand. Don’t make them work to remember who you are. Build a look and feel for your posts that will allow them to actually enjoy your content and not figure out who you are and why they’re following you.

So how do we improve it?

Glad you asked. Here are 5 things to consider when planning and coordinating your grid:

1. Color Coordination

Color Coordination is an overlooked, but important aspect of bringing your Instagram grid together. Color Coordination is picking out three to five colors to feature on your Instagram to represent your brand. It’s a safe bet to pick colors that are (1) complementary and (2) occur often in your lifestyle/business so that it’ll be easier to spot in the future when creating new content for your Instagram.

If you need a tool to help you coordinate, here’s a free tool from Coolors:


2. Filter

Not every picture is going to come out the way you want it to. Using filters is a great way to pull your Instagram theme together. Pick one filter that you really like which fits with your brand and use it for every picture that you post. This will bring consistency to your Instagram and assist with color coordination. If using the same filter every time is too much, create a few filters from your 3-5 colors or simply change the intensity.

If you want some filters outside of the native Instagram app or Photoshop, check out the app VSCO: Photo & Video Editor


3. Layout

Diversify your pictures! The last thing that you want is to have all of your selfies bunched together and all of our lifestyle pictures bunched. It makes your Instagram look unorganized and unappealing.

Plan out what you are going to post and alternate between the different types of pictures that you want. Make sure that you are posting from different angles and break up posts that are visually similar.

4. Dimensions

As much as possible, use square dimensions for all of your photos. The last thing you want is for people to look at your profile and have half of your pictures cropped weirdly because it was landscape or portrait.

If a lot of your images are shot in landscape or portrait, remember that only the center square of your picture will show up in the grid. At a minimum, keep your text within the visible square and double check how the picture looks within the grid.

5. Highlight Reel/Story

Got pictures that don’t exactly fit into your Instagram grid theme? Don’t let those go to waste! Post them as a story!

Then create highlight reels on your profile by clicking the ‘add highlight’ button to showcase different aspects of your life or company that you want others to see. These pictures are supposed to let your audience get a glimpse into the behind the scenes activities of your brand.

That’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by. If you need customized help in improving your Instagram, drop us a line! And remember to check out our other articles to learn how to level up your marketing.