Times are changing; business is easier than ever

With the advent of today’s digital tools, and more that are becoming available, businesses are now easier to start than ever before. No longer do we have paper spreadsheets, file cabinets, or task management cork boards–now it’s digital-automated access to virtually everything: from task managers like Asana, to financial bookkeeping like the Quickbooks app for your phone. You can sit on your couch creating a new marketing campaign and assigning tasks to your employees–all from your mobile device.

Okay, so now you’ve started your company and may be saying, “That was easy!” But you’re not finished–you need traffic: customers who potentially want what you have, and are willing to throw money your way to get it. You’ve tried posting a few things on social media and gotten a couple likes from family and friends but no measurable expansion into the real world market. So what do you do? How do you break through from being unknown, to being known?

The potential is in your hands

Let’s get real. Marketers and salesmen from 30 years ago would have killed to get their hands on just one of the many powerful marketing tools that you now have at your fingertips. With tools like Instagram and Facebook, a small business has the ability to out-market all the other competition simply by knowing the right techniques and having the right guidance from a specialist.

Stop being annoying, we don’t want your stuff

Have you ever been about to scroll a site when suddenly a pop-up hits you in the face asking you to sign up for their “valuable newsletter” that you know won’t realistically provide you with any “news” or “value?” We’ve all been watching a TV show when a commercial comes on, whiplashing us out ofthe episode alter reality?  

Did that commercial really make you want rush right over and check out their new sale on laundry detergent? Silly rabbit, of course not.

The age of shock and awe marketing strategies may be pushing customers further away from buying products or converting, and thereby leaving us with less-than positive feelings toward the company using those tactics.

What if a company were to create content that feels organic and feeds off of what you are already experiencing?  Marketing and advertisement is slowly seeing a shift as we watch the old salesman-style promotions transition into a new more effective, targeted methodology.

Create value and give, give, give

Creating and giving value to your audience is the most powerful marketing technique you can use that can return a positive conversion for your business. You want to give, give, give, and then…ask! One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to ask but never give. That’s why their media engagement sucks and nobody cares about them. Giving tends to result in the biggest ROI.

What does giving look like for a business?

For example, let’s say you are selling your own line of custom dog chew toys. Learn how to find ways you can give value to dog owners besides providing another chew toy outlet. With Facebook and Instagram, you have opportunity to post quick-daily tips to train their dog to do tricks, or health tips to keep their dog in top shape.

Create the best dog health and training blog, answering all the questions a dog owner could ever have. Or start a YouTube channel that is solely focused on helping dog owners have the best experience with their best friend by providing fun ideas, creative tips, interviews with vets and trainers, and out of the box innovation.

By creating content that adds value, you’ve won their heart and they’ll want to buy your rubber chew toys. All that education and giving creates a “dam effect,” that can only hold for so long before you start asking and bursting open the flood gates. You might hear testimonials like, “They’ve changed my life through their weekly inspirational videos, so when I heard they sell chew toys that are beneficial to my dogs teeth, I went to their website to buy one!” You’ve connected with your customers, so they naturally want to give back–for you that looks like a conversion.

The key: Don’t expect if you haven’t given

You might be thinking, “That’s WAY too much work! I just wanted to fire up a Shopify store, start selling products, and see a fantastic return! I’m not interested in investing my time in making videos, blogs, and posting content everyday.”  That leaves you with two options: 1, get a professional to handle the marketing strategies, or 2, find another arena of money making to pursue. The world of an entrepreneur is non-stop, daily pushing and hustling: create, give, connect, design, structure, network and work hard doing it.

In order to make a real impact through the blizzard of posts flooding through social media, you need to produce no less than 5 pieces of public daily content. That could be an Instagram photo, Facebook post, live video, YouTube upload, or podcasting. Only then will you truly be pushing forward into your potential as a company.

The word “entrepreneur,” and “business owner,” look great on your Instagram bio, but can you really put in the work? Most can’t. That’s why Huntington Pacific Media was created–to provide you with personal, custom, daily content strategy.  We want you to do what you do best–run a company. We provide marketing ad formulas that work, and website designs that will “wow” your consumers. Contact us today for a free consultation, then you can step up to the plate and hit a home run, by letting the pros do it.