Presence OC Case Study

Presence OC Case Study 2018-12-15T07:28:34+00:00

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade is a global franchise with store locations that offer acai bowls, lemonade, and accessories. Since 2012, they have been expanding out of the islands of Hawaii, quickly franchising to other states like Arizona, Washington and California; they’ve even reached the islands of Japan.

To continue their growth, they wanted to increase their brand awareness on social media. They needed video content, brand reps, daily active engagement, as well as strategy consulting.

When we started working with Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade, they had a decent following on Instagram through their own organic posting. However, to really launch their brand, we started networking with influencers to generate a massive amount of local content & engagement. We launched campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube consisting of branded videos, photos, contests and much more.

After a few months of work, we had established and maintained a brand rep network of around 40 Hawaii-based influencers. Additionally, we were able to run fresh video content every 24 hours, 7 days per week on Instagram. 100% of the content provided through brand rep submissions. The result was massive user engagement, with Instagram views going up by 400%.

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