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About Us

Huntington Pacific Media is a digital marketing agency based in Huntington Beach, California, accelerating business growth through results-driven media solutions.

Founded in 2016, this agency is a diversified team of creative, technical, hard-working, and professional individuals with over a decade of cumulative experiences in social media marketing, web design, digital advertising, strategic planning.

This team is singularly focused on solving your problems, promoting your business, and making you famous.

Jordan is the rare and elusive ‘jack of all trades, master of most’.

He was always very entrepreneurial and started several businesses ranging from a residential construction company, to custom western saddle making. He additionally worked in media as a contractor for 4 years, developing websites, products, social media strategies and even produced music.

Stephen is a planner.

A slightly off-kilter but very much need planner.  Serving a total of 6 years as a naval officer, he led teams around the world, planned dozens of military operations, and had a lot of fun in the process. Deciding to try something a little less exciting, he unleashed his leadership, planning experience, and technical acumen upon the world of digital marketing.

Nicole can do anything.

Well, nearly anything, that is. But we mostly use her abilities to promote your business on social media. She has worked with freelancers, churches, and entrepreneurs across the US. She has the eye of an artist and the passion of a saint. You should be glad to have her on your team…we certainly are.

Bryce is our token mad scientist.

Not that he’s actually mad or anything. He just happens to be really good at cracking the impossible problem. He is a local who served 5 years in the US Navy as a sonar technician. When he is not solving the impossible, he is currently working towards his degree in marketing.

Ryan is a snake-eater.

He’s also a pretty bomb photog. That’s all we know so far. Oh and legal says that I have to let you know that Ryan’s snake eating is actually unverified.

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Now that you’ve met us.

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