At Huntington Pacific Media, we aim to provide clients with the tools they need to set themselves apart from other businesses. We provide advertising, social media marketing, and pay per click services. With our small team of three highly experienced social media and design experts, we have been able to achieve exceptional results for clients to help them thrive in the competitive digital world of today. Our success-driven work ethic and dedication to client satisfaction has given us the opportunity to be featured as one of the leading ad agencies in Los Angeles on Clutch.

Clutch is a business reviews agency located in Washington, D.C. They work to find the most equipped software, consultants, and agencies available in order to connect businesses with the best service providers to meet their business needs.

They conduct interviews with former clients along with extensive industry analysis in order to ensure accuracy in their results. Based on their research, we have scored a 4.9 rating. Obtaining a high rating on Clutch is far from easy and we are extremely proud of our accomplishment.

We are overjoyed with our recent reviews and we would like to share a few with you:  

“Their positive attitude and deep knowledge within their industry make them a valuable partner to grow with. I’m pleased with how the project is going. They’re invested in our success, and it feels like a true partnership.”—Owner,

“They were very quick to deliver results and responsive to our needs. We felt that we could genuinely trust their team’s thoroughness and ability to exceed expectations.”—Media Executive, Momentum Studios

“They’re very reliable and always go a little above and beyond what we contracted them for. They provide services for us without necessarily charging for them because they felt they would help us.”—Owner, Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

Our ability to deliver and exceed client expectations has also allowed us a presence on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, where we are seen as one of the leading graphic designers in Los Angeles.  Not only that, but we have also been featured as one of the top marketing companies on their Visual Objects page.

We are so thankful to those at Clutch for evaluating us so positively and to our clients for sharing their experiences. We look forward to growing our presence on Clutch!