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Encountering God Together | Costa Mesa, CA


Presence OC started out of the senior pastor’s house.  Less than 2 years later, they had grown to 2 Sunday services, multiple weekday groups, and several community events under their belt.


However, in all their growth, they also outgrew their branding and website.  When we started working with them, they had recently hired a branding expert to create a profile with which they could continue to grow. They reached out to us in order to design a new website using their new branding.


We started out by reviewing their branding profile in person and hearing the passion and dreams of the senior pastor for the church’s new website.  In building out their site, we maintained regular contact to ensure we missed nothing and created their website to be both functional and beautiful.


At the end of the project, we ended up with their new 15-page website that hosted all their programs and included integration with a separate donation platform, a Podcast channel, an interactive Google map.

Presence OC continues to grow and do their best work without being constrained by an outdated website.

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