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Chad spent most of his life becoming good at one thing… speed skating. And, he had actually become quite good at it. In fact, he won the 2006 Olympics, won several world championships, and even set several world records in the process. Needless to say, his skating was not his problem.


His problem was retiring from the world of speed skating, entering the world of real estate, and needing to promote awareness about his new career path. He needed a website and advertising to get him started.


When we met Chad, he had a decent social following but needed a professional platform to get him started. We took some time to understand and learn about his background, his goals, and his current strategy. In essence, we first sought to understand his personal brand. We then went to work to build him a new website that captured his unique spirit of excellence, his incredible past, and his latest offer to help the citizens of Dallas go from gold to sold. After completing his website, he needed to start driving client traffic towards his business. We then developed a Facebook marketing, lead generation system that was fully integrated to deliver hot leads directly to his SMS and inbox so he could follow up at any time, anywhere.


Within 2 days, he was getting 2-3 client leads per day. By the end of the first month, he was getting 4-5 leads at below average costs. This rapidly increased his business engagement locally and launched him into his new career.

Huntington Pacific Media helped Chad Hedrick make the leap from elite athlete to elite realtor and go “from gold to sold”.

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