How To Find The Best Social Media Manager

81% of U.S. Americans have a social media account...”

“Additionally, 95% of adults aged 18-34 follow a brand via a social media network.  I think that it’s needless to say but that is a lot of potential, or current, customers on social media.

So what is a company supposed to do?  Many business and companies are hiring social media managers.  This field of work, although new, has grown exponentially in the last decade.  From 2010 to 2013, the number of social media jobs grew 1357%, and is expected to continue to increase at a rate of 9%.

But what do you look for? As a social media management company, we decided to compile our top criteria to look for when shopping for an agency or manager.

1. Meet Your Need For Social Media Success

This might seem like a basic criteria but there are a number of details to consider:

  • Do you want customized pictures for your product?
  • OR are you comfortable with using quality stock photos edited for your brand?
  • Do you need video?
  • How much content can you give the manager (i.e. pictures, videos, quotes)?
  • How much customer engagement management do you need or expect?
  • What platforms do you want to use, or what customer demographic are you pursuing?
  • Do you want to use different content for different platforms (a recommended but possibly pricier package)?

These are questions that you should consider before approaching a manager to ensure that they can give you an accurate quote or estimate.  It’s ok if you not the most savvy with social media platforms; it is important to provide clear expectations for what your business needs.  As a bottom line, here is the principle question you should be asking: Knowing that social media is run on photos, videos, and engaging verbiage, what can you provide the social media manager and what are your expectations?

2. Create Quality Content For Your Social Platforms

The number one reason that people use social media is entertainment, according to recent research published in Social Media Society.  Just to be straight-forward, poor quality photos and videos simply aren’t entertaining.  Your content should ideally be captivating and engaging in order to stand out of the increasing crowd of companies on social media.

Before signing on a new manager, ask to see samples of their products or content.  The basic question to always be asking is “would I like this if I saw it?” or “would I want to click on it?”  More particularly, look to see if they use colorful content, simple designs, consistent branding, and engaging script.  Additionally, ask where they obtained their content from: was it made in-house, provided by a customer, or selected from stock photos?


3. Use A Scheduling System To Plan Your Business Social Media Posts

There are a number of scheduling systems that social media marketers use to schedule their content.  From your perspective, the system matters less than them actually having one.  You are hiring them to take something off of your plate.

Having a schedule allows you to review posts periodically and ensures that your social media feeds will maintain a flow.  While it is important to be flexible in the world of social media, it’s still vital for your company to maintain a scheduled production of quality content to delight your followers.

4. Engage With Your Audience – They’re Your Potential Customers

The main benefit of having a presence on social media is the ability to engage with your customers.  On social media, it is rather off-putting for a customer to reach out their favorite brand and receive no response.

When looking for a manager, make sure that you delineate who will be engaging with your customers.  Perhaps, you want to be notified of any DM (Direct Message) or comment.  Perhaps, you want them to take care of everything.  The important part is to communicate your need and expectation to ensure that you gain, and retain, your social media followers.

5. Are They Able To Find Social Media Influencers To Build With?


Influencer marketing is essentially celebrity marketing for social media.  Influencers are social media users with a heavy following, predominantly in a specific area.  There might be fashion influencers, or travel influencers, or food influencers.  It takes time and persistence to not only find but also cultivate relationships with these influencers.  According to an article in the International Journal of Advertising, 75% of marketers use influencers.

That being said, it’s a fairly proven practice and should be addressed when hiring a manager.  The mark-up for influencers can vary broadly, ranging from free product reimbursement to hefty cash payments.  Bottom line: make sure that your new manager is capable and comfortable with influencer marketing.  Even if you’re not ready to pay for influencers yet, you may want to include them in your future marketing strategy so ensure that your team is up to the task.

6. Is The Agency Following Current Trends?

Social Media networks are ever evolving and changing.  They are adding new perks, and hindrances, for business accounts quite frequently.  Therefore, it is important that your manager is staying appraised of current platform trends so that they can optimize your account in order to delight your customers.

Read up on the latest trends and movements and ask your potential agency how they work to stay up-to-date with what’s happening.

7. Are They Use Bots Effectively?

Although controversial, bots are an increasing and effective tool when used properly.  They can help you engage with customers through AI chat rule or even like/comment algorithms.  However, when used ineffectively, they can violate user agreements which can lead to a decrease in visibility for your company or even a complete blacklist or shut-down of your account.  In other words, make sure you ask if your manager plans to use bots and have them explain their intended plan of action.

Hope that helped! If you have further questions, drop us line or ask how we can help you grow your social media presence.


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